Thursday, 22 May 2008

Unique Eco Rotisserie

This has got to one of the "must have" BBQ gadgets of all time!
The Kipgrill (translates to Chicken Grill) us the rising heat created by the fire to turn a space age rotor which then spins the spit rod. Totally Eco-friendly, as it doesn't require batteries, electricity or nuclear power to work. Click HERE to see more info.
Make your dad happy this Father's Day!

The Movie

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

BBQ Championships come to the UK!

Finally it's being organised, the 1st ever British BBQ Competition.
This event will be held on the 14th June in the quaint town of Ilminster, Somerset. All are welcome to attend, but if you are wanting to compete, there are only a few places left, so hurry.
ProBBQ Ltd are proud sponsors of this event, for more details please click here or on the logo.

Smoked Foods

There are 2 types of smoking, Hot and Cold. These processes are 2 completely different methods for preparing food. Hot smoking cooks the food, whilst Cold smoking is a part of the process designed to cure food that will, in most cases, be cooked at a later stage. No one can be sure of when it all started, but it was probably discovered, by accident, sometime during the Stone Age. In the case of Hot Smoking, you can imagine a group of hunters bringing meat back to their cave and hanging it above the fire they used for warmth. Cold Smoking/ Curing may have been discovered in this manner... picture freshly caught sea fish, being filleted on site and then left to soak in a rock pool for a few hours, before being returned to the cave where it was hung further away from the fire, possibly nearer to the roof, where the smoke gathered. In both scenarios, man might have been pleased with the resulting flavour (he may even have been given a hearty smack on the back, known as a pat, from the people sharing the meal, to show their approval). He may have also noticed, in the case of the fish, that the food lasted a lot longer, without spoiling. As with most men, he more than likely got impatient, whilst waiting for his meal and ended up by first moving the meat closer to the fire (Barbecuing) and finally, by throwing meat directly onto the fire (Grilling).